Drummers for peace

batteurs pour la paix


The association Drummers For Peace, founded in the aftermath of the 2015 attacks, puts peace at the heart of discussions and actions through music and drums, to recreate a social bond in the neighborhoods. 

It develops common spaces for listening and learning music open to all, for all ages, with talented musicians, a way to learn to collaborate and to enjoy playing in order to develop solidarity and peace. 

It offers cultural activities for the territories all year round, sets up residencies and dedicated programs, around musical creation

Since we need to connect with others, to share projects, to experience solidarity and peace on a daily basis and that this ideal is questioned every day, we, Drummers For Peace, are convinced that music makes it possible to strengthen ties, where they are weak and to enhance positive and happy actions in neighborhoods. 

Since the dawn of time and on the five continents, the universal language of percussion transcends cultures and allows everyone to relate to others, unfiltered, with great emotion.

Peace • Paix • سلام


Drummer For Peace takes its name following the 2015 attacks but the association made its bed on an older associative approach

As of 2011, Albeck Records aims to help young people to escape from their condition through culture. 

« Albeck », name of a district of Grande-Synthe in the suburbs or Dunkirk, refers directly to the personal history of its founder Kalid Bazi. He discovered music there at the age of 11, thanks to the gift of a drum kit that will prevent him from « hanging out in the streets » and will allow him to gain self-confidence

20111, is also the year of the co-creation of the BLACKFOXY band with Klaus Blasquiz, singer of Magma, musical peg of Drummers For Peace, composed today of nine musicians. 

Shocked by the reactions of some people he knows following the terrorist attacks that hit France. Kalid BAZI and Klaus BLASQUIZ first wanted to find a way to break the gloom and unite as many people as possible around a unifying project, by creating the event « We Beat For Peace ».


batteurs pour la paix

The Drummers For Peace association works locally to improve the image of our institutions among neighborhood residents, encourages gender parity, and our ethics refer to human rights, women’s rights and children’s rights. 

The solidarity that brings together a thousand professional and amateur musicians, artists and amateurs for a major show to strengthen social ties while beating for peace. 

Uniqueness : Drummers For Peace carries a unique project through an approach and a process that places the sensitive at the heart of musical practice, without prior knowledge, thus opening the practice of drums to all audiences. 

Excellence : we bring together talented musicians and carefully train student artists, allowing even beginners to build something musical and develop self-esteem

Freedom : with which we have chosen to beat for peace, to create a common space of listening and consideration. 


Old-fashioned Soul Rap Funk band, made up of nine musicians brought together by founder Kalid Bazi, « Blackfoxy » is a form of tribute to women in poor neighborhoods.

In US slang, a Fox lady is a resourceful woman. The band was formed around its main singer Sista Wyndyz, the choice of this name was dedicated to her. 

Blackfoxy is a direct reference to African- American music that nurtures the emancipatory role of music and a form of artistic excellence. They are references for the Drummers For Peace movement.