the peace industry

batteurs pour la paix

Towards a peace industry, an accessible dream.

When we launched the appeal to the 1000 drummers, we instinctively wanted to rally around the idea of peace. We realized that if young people were capable of entering a theatre such as the Bataclan to murder innocent people in the name of an ideology, it was because the war industry, the apology of violence and the terrorism of destruction had clearly won over the terrain of ideas. 

It seemed urgent to us to put all our forces, our intelligence, our faith, our talent towards the construction of a thought based on peaceful relations. Without falling into baba-cool “angelism” or the “sweet dreamer” side, for more than 25 years we have been noticing, as artists, but also as social workers, that it is urgent to recreate a link with music in a way that is not too costly.

Since the dawn of time and on all five continents, the universal language of percussion has transcended cultures and allowed everyone to connect with others, without filters, with great emotion.

Peace • Paix • سلام

Peace, a sure value

Peace is a sure value, as vital as the air we breathe or the water we drink. Peace is much more than a measurement, it is a pillar of any self-respecting civilization. We need to work on two or three generations, to have a long-term vision by spreading a culture of peace from the nursery to the university. Like sustainable development, we could imagine a peace label for the most active companies in this field. Our modest non-profit association thinks big, not in terms of means, but in educational and cultural terms


batteurs pour la paix

Together we go faster and further

To live in inner peace, of course, but also to live in a serene and peaceful environment, that is the challenge we have set ourselves. Thus, our movement is joined every day by dozens of people, men and women from civil society, local elected officials, companies, sports personalities, music or cinema… They each bring a reflection, feeding this vision of a post-covid future that has just seriously reshuffled the cards. 

We beat for peace, above all for the general interest. Like the weapons industry, why not imagine an economic model for generating peace? Concerned about the place of man in his environment, concerned about the environment in order to protect the living? 

Creating employment with the impact on peace in our societies as a criterion? Defining peace is an issue that goes beyond our generation, it concerns our descendants. 

A peace industry like the film industry… A not so inaccessible dream.